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Our Philosophy

At Tark Dice we prioritize giving each and every customer a personalized experience. We know the time and effort that goes into the unique development of your RPG characters, and we feel that your dice should reflect that.

With the ability to customize: styles, colors, numbers and crits you can tailor-make your dice to perfectly match your character. Because at Tark Dice we believe you should love your dice, as much as you love your character. 

Due to this we do prioritize commissioned custom orders ahead of regular restocking of our shop. We will have some sets  available for purchase from time to time for sets where we try new techniques or just feel like doing something we think would be cool. 

Christopher Tarquinio Designer / Anodizer / Graphic Artist / Marketing / Sales / Customer Service / etc...

At some point I will get around to finishing this… possibly…. probably not…